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Pairing: Suho / Chen
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot (2k)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
A/N: inspired by Seafret's Atlantis MV

And then he woke up. He felt the damp moss cradling all of him, touching his cold skin softly and holding him protectively.

As he raised himself from the bed of stones and morning dew, he looked around the lonesome place he found himself in. He felt cold. And lonely. He didn't remember a thing. Not even his name. Not even how he got to this desolate place.

At this mountain valley, there was no sky, no sunlight. Just impressively massive layers of mist veiling mountain tops and solely inhabiting hills and dales.

"Where am I?" He asked himself, but couldn't catch an answer.

An unexpected motion in the corner of his eyes caused him to turn his head. What he caught sight of made him flinch a little.

A fuzzy white creature stood right next to him. Giant, horned, furry, almost cottony. It stood right there, without moving, and watching him without any eyes.

"What are you?" It didn't answer. It just looked at him. Somehow. He felt it. "Can you tell me why I'm here?" It didn't answer once again. But it came closer.

He felt his heart beating faster with every heavy step the creature took in his direction. But it just kneeled down to him, tilting his big cornuted head to the left. And to the right, causing the sitting man to do the same. They inspected each other curiously a little while, until the man put on a smile.

"You're a funny one." He reached out to the creature, which didn't flinch under the touch. It felt perfectly smooth. It's cottony fur tickled at his palm and clung softly to his fingers.

Then, it got up and insisted the man to follow it. He didn't ask why, but he did it.

Walking across sticks and stones, climbing over knee-high rocks, always keeping track of the huge white something in front of him, made him feel less lonely. He felt comfortably guided.

"Where are we going?" It didn't answer. He began to believe the creature couldn’t speak. But it seemed to listen. It stopped on the next hill and pointed with its big furry paw down the hillside. He then caught sight of a silently sleeping lake down below.

"Down there?" The creature shook his head, and pointed to the mountain top at the other side of the lake. "Up there?" It nodded. "I'm not sure if I can make it." He looked up the hill the creature pointed at. It seemed to be so distant. And also so close, like he could touch it the moment he reached out to it.
The white creature kept on walking, down the hill to the tranquil lake. He followed.

The water remained silent, nearly motionless, as he stepped on one of the big rocks solidly swimming on the lake's surface and walked across another one. The creature didn't follow. It just watched him from the shore.

He looked down in the silent water, catching sight of a young man with dyed blond hair and prettily sharp features. "I don't remember him. Why don't I remember?" He touched his own cheek, feeling the cold resting on it under the touch, just to watch the reflection doing the same. "Is that me?" He didn't see it, but the creature behind him nodded slowly.

As he watched the reflection closer, he noticed its face being all dirty and covered in dust. He wiped of the sheen of dirt resting on his face with the sleeve of his white sweater, where he found more of it clenching to the textile, as well as something that looked like blood. He wondered where it all came from.

He sank his soiled hands into the cold water, causing little ripples to dance on the glassy surface, and took a handful of it to wash his dusted face with. He utterly enjoyed the pleasingly cold water prickling on his skin and dripping from his chin.

As he turned around to his fuzzy friend, he watched it walking away slowly. He followed the creature, without questioning why he did it.

"What is up there? Up the hill?" He wasn't sure it was a question to the creature or to himself. But either ways, he didn't get an answer.

He found himself surrounded by leafless trees and softly swaying branches. He followed the other into a plain forest. It seemed to be lifeless, soundless and simply empty, but he didn't feel alone.

The moist branches cracked underneath his feet as he stepped on them. The white creature bent down from time to time to pick up some of those branches lying on the ground. He didn't know why it did it, but he helped it, picking up some for himself and followed it deeper into the unknown of the forest.

They came across a burnt-out fireplace, still smouldering and smelling like old smoke, where the creature laid down their collected branches on top. Then he understood. It was its fireplace. Its home.

At the coming of the night, he was glad the creature made a fire, holding them warm and protected by the light it casted. He looked at the creature sitting at the other site of the fireplace. It didn't have eyes, but he watched him too. His peaked horns shimmered in the dark almost goldenly.

"You are very gentle." It didn't say anything. "Thank you for taking care of me." He looked back to the sparkling fire, but the creature didn't cease from looking at him. "I would like to tell you my name, but unfortunately, I don't remember it. I don't remember anything. Do you know how that comes?" The creature didn't nod, nor shook its giant head. It did nothing. "I'm wondering."

Muffled by the soothing sound of softly crackling fire, he fell asleep. As he woke up very early in the morning, the creature was gone. He looked for it, but couldn't find it in close area. Under the protection of the still night-coloured misty sky, he walked aimlessly through the forest until he found it kneeling at the edge of a little pond.

It washed the spot where his big head was supposed to be, but it wasn't. It laid next to his feet.
As he approached the suddenly headless creatures, he caught a glimpse of a dark-brown human head resting on unnatural broad shoulders. A sudden cracking of a branch under his weight startled it, and the lifeless head on the ground got placed back on the fuzzy body.

It ran away, with heavy steps and in a surprisingly quick pace. He found it back at the camp, putting new branches on the slowly fading fire he took place in front of afterwards. He approached it from behind, but it didn't startle. Then, he kneeled right next to it, with eyes resting on the white cottony creature, that didn't say a word.

Cautiously and without asking, he removed the horned head from the creature's body, revealing the beautifully shaped dark eyes underneath, in which the fire's glow reflected like it blazed right inside of them.

"You have such a handsome face. Don't hide it." He said and reached out to the creature's human face. It flinched a little, but felt the other simply stroking his cheek with his thumb fondly. His precious smile warmed up his fuzzy body and his caressed cheek.

"What's your name?" He asked the unknown man, who used to be the creature. He didn't answer, but pulled off the paws like way too big gloves to take the other's hand in his own and started to draw tickling sign on his palm.

"C? H. E. N? You're name is Chen?" He nodded timidly. "Nice to meet you, Chen. I'm Suho. I'm… Suho. Yes. I remember. Thank you. You made me remember." Chen's sweet smile warmed him up more than the fire did. It warmed up his inside. His heart.

"How comes I feel so protected with you?" Chen started to draw on the hand again. "I am. Do I know you? No. Do you know me? No." Suho eyed the other's sharp facial features. "Can I kiss you? Yes."

Chen's lips felt warm and perfectly soft. He never had such a tender kiss before. He would remember.

They kissed for a very long time. Until the fire was nothing more but a tired glimmer. It got darker and shadows started to sneak around the woods, making Chen prick up his ears to catch something Suho didn't.

"What is it?" He watched Chen raising and looking around the dark forest they were surrounded by. Then, he put the furry head on top of Suho's and insisted him to follow him at once by holding his hand and leading him out of the forest. Suho didn't understand, but trusted the other blindly.

He didn't see anything underneath the creature's head. But holding onto Chen, he felt safe and protected. They hurried to get out of the dark forest, climbing over mute rocks, fallen branches and tree trunks. Suho couldn't see it, but he felt stranger eyes resting on him.

"Chen, I'm scared." He didn't answer, but didn't let go off him, until the very moment something unknown grabbed Chen's leg and dragged him back into the woods. Suho didn't see what had happened. He just lost his hold of Chen's hand and track of where he was. So he stood there. Alone. Unprotected. And next to something he couldn't see, nor touch, but sense.

Someone clenched his wrist, and the way that someone did, Suho knew it was Chen. Together they ran out of the woods and Suho swore he could overhear a horrible screech coming from far behind them.

As he took of the head again, he found himself lighted by the misty daybreak and its dull play of grey and blue colours. They walked across a dewy meadow. The hill Chen was guiding them to was very close. Suho could see it arching up more and more majestically with every step he took in its direction.

"We almost made it." Chen didn't answer. As Suho turned around to him, he found him collapsed on the cold grass a few meters behind him. He held his ankle, at which Suho caught sight of a scorched circle around it. His furry costume got burned right where something had dragged him. It hurt Chen. And even though he tried hard to pretend it didn't, Suho noticed.

"Are you alright? Can you walk?" He tried to help him to get up, but Chen pushed him away, pointing repeatedly at the hill in the close distance. "No, I'm not gonna leave you." He did it again, this time even more vigorously. Suho didn't understand. But he read in the other's face, that he truthfully wanted him to leave. Without him. So he did.

He took a last glance back to the meadow, where Chen stood with the creature's head on top, watching him from afar like he did when they met the first time.

Even though, he didn't know what awaited him beyond the hill, he sensed this was their last farewell. With a smile on his lips and the memory of Chen in his mind, Suho kept on walking, until he reached the top of the hill, at which he got shrouded by blindingly bright light.

And then he woke up. As he opened his eyes, he looked right into a young man's face looming above his head. He had never seen him before, but he spoke to him with a concerned expression resting on his face.

"Sir, can you hear me?" Suho nodded slowly, but he stopped the moment he noticed a sudden ache rushing through his whole head with every motion. "Are you alright?"

"Yes…" He answered weakly. "Where am I?"

"At the ambulance, on the way to the hospital. You were involved in a car accident. Sir, do you remember your name?"

"Yes. I'm Suho."


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